President's Note

Whether we like it or not, public education has become political.  If we are to remain current and have a say in the policies and legislation that affect us, as public educators, and the students we serve, then we too must become a political force.
As the Florida legislature begins to ready itself for the upcoming legislative session, as public employees, as teachers, and as parents, we must stay current on the issues and we MUST take time out to make our voices heard.  The representatives and senators like to say that they haven't heard any complaints or concerns from their constituents - and we need to fix that!  Take time at least once a week to write an email or a letter or to make a phone call to the legislators and share your story.  Share the positive impacts that you make in the lives of students everyday and why the proposed legislation will hurt our students.  Click on the link for Legislative Committee Updates to educate yourself on the current issues.  Share the information with others at your worksite and in your community.  Most importantly, CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS!  Together we can make a positive difference!

In Solidarity,
Katie Hansen
FCEA President



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